2018 HGSGA Handbook

2018 Handbook

2018 Final Handbook


Championship Series 3 Results – 06/21/2017

Todays Championship Series 3 Results

1st Flight> Low Gross Bob Egge 69 $21

1st Net Steve Scarborough 78 net 66 *won tiebreak $17

2nd Net Dan Caulkins 76 net 66 $13

3rd Net Bill Stetka 76 net 67 $9

2nd Flight 1st Net Mac Ramsey 78 net 62 $21

2nd Net Ray Akerson 78 net 64 $17

3rd Net Mike McShane 82 net 66 *won tiebreak $13

4th Net Bob Fitzgerald 81 net 66 $13

3rd Flight 1st Net Rich Ward 82 net 63 $21

2nd Net Dennis Jankiewicz 85 net 67 *won tiebreak $17

3rd Net Chris Lehner 83 Net 67 $13

4th Net Ian Sumner 84 net 68 $9

4th Flight 1st Net Bill Duncan 87 net 65 *won tiebreak $21

2nd Net Don Oliver 85 net 65 $17

3rd Net Ed Tortalani 88 net 67 *won tiebreak $13

4th Net Jon Shinn 87 net 67 $9

5th Flight 1st Net Peter Scheidt 101 net 65 $21

2nd Net Peter Fagan 96 net 66 $17

3rd Net Wolf Mann 91 net 67 $13

4th Net Tom White 99 net 69* won tiebreak $9

SCOREKEEPERS>Sumner, Gaudio and Maddox

HGSGA Gear….Pick up your green shirt at $30 plus tax

Unclaimed shirts WILL BE SOLD to other golfers beginning next week

…..New HG White Hats are available at $15 plus tax

Lots of great scores today….(Bob Egge 69, Doug Wilson 71, Len Moyer 76, Dan Caulkins 76, Bill Stetka 76, Steve Scarborough 78, Ray Akerson 78 and Mac Ramsey 78

A Championship Series Update will be sent out soon.

Best 4 of 6 scores…3 rounds played so far….

Next Week……WED…HOME Golf at Hobbits Glen or AWAY at National Golf Club, Fort Washington

*Great trip to new MGM Casino near National Golf Club area


*THURS AWAY golf at Fountainhead GC-

Too Late IF you have not signed up yet..Rosters have been set up


All the Best R ;{

Two-Man Best Ball Results – 06/08/2017

Fabulous weather today and sizzling LOW scores

SPECIAL Thanks to Richard Violette for coordinating these pairings today

Two Man Best Ball Low Gross Doug Wilson and Bob Egge shot 60 ! (minus 12 gross) $28 ea

Two Man Best Ball Low NET

1st Place> John Barth and Steve Gaudio shot net 56 ! $24.50 ea

2nd Place> Jim Burrows and Jim Wilcox shot net 57 ! $22 ea (won tiebreak-29 on back 9)

3rd Place> Brad Greene and Joe Duklewski shot net 57 ! $20 ea

4th Place> Fred Gera and Richard Violette shot net 58 ! $18 ea (won tiebreak-27 on back 9)

5th Place> Lew Shipp and Bill Duncan shot net 58 ! $16 ea

6th Place> Don Oliver and Bob Zweig shot net 58 ! $14 ea

Ian Sumner is triple checking scorecards and will send out an email relating to the next round.

He will include list of qualifiers, list of alternates, approximate cost and date

Golfers will be informed about payment instructions

*Ian “might” even include some of the special INDIVIDUAL scores which our golfers carded today

(example-John Barth shot 74 net 61–WOW)

*Ian is very busy so do not get your hopes up ūüėČ

Next Thursday, June 15 is a HOME MISGA…

If you are a new member…HOME MISGAs include a mandatory cart fee and $25 lunch fee in addition to the $5 prize pool fee and your greens fee

Field is basically FULL but may be able to accommodate a “few” more HGSGA golfers

BRING CASH for HOME MISGAs please (with 80 golfers checking in..get here early)

HGSGA Shirts are in–Cost is $30 plus tax–You may use Gift Cards, credit cards or cash in the Pro Shop

Felton Satterfield will advise our HGSGA golfers by email as to when the Pro Shop is “ready” for us to stop by

We may have a few extra–Hats arrive this week and are first come, first served–We will advise

Scorekeepers today…Jeff Hild, Nick Girardi, Steve Gaudio and Randy Maddox

This is the monthly REQUEST for volunteers to help with our administrative team

HGSGA Officers volunteer and help to keep our program running smoothly

Simply let us know that you’d like to help out and we can discuss it together

Best Regards–Randy Maddox/HGSGA

Championship Series Standings – 05/25/2017

Championship Series(Best 4 of 6 ) *2 scores to date

Gross Leaders

Egge 67-71=138 Ostrom 75-72=147 Weiss 76-77=153 Caulkins 78-77=155

Net Leaders

Brady 60-64=124 Caporaletti 64-66=130 Ramsey 68-62=130 Egge 63-69=132

Pagnotta 66-70=136 Sumner 69-68=137 Weiss 68-70=138 Chiccone 70-68=138

Barth 70-68=138 Caulkins 70-68=138 Maddox 67-72=139 Gaudio 68-72=140

1–Be sure that these scores and all of your others are recorded.

2–RED SCORES must be recorded as Tournament

3–MSGA “flags” golfers who post significant scoring irregularities, especially relating to tournament scores.

(“Flagged golfers” have their HCPs adjusted by MSGA)

*As long as a golfer posts all of his scores accurately, being flagged will not become a problem.

Great playing today !!!


ABCD Qualifier Results – 05/25/2017

Click the following link to see the final results of the scoring used for the Div IV qualifier to be held on July 10th at Norbeck CC.

Hobbits ABCD qualifier results 5.25.17

All cards were audited. In the case of ties we followed the USGA Stroke play guide lines for tie breakers (see the attached guide).

The qualifiers are broken into two groups, low gross (top 3) then low net (top 11). The alternates follow in order of scoring – if history holds true we should be able to get most of the alternates into the tournament.

As soon as I receive the information about costs, etc, I will send out an email to the group, at which time those players who qualified in the top 14 will be expected to send in their payment to our treasurer in a timely (deadline will be stated) manner. As we get additional slots, we will go down the list of alternates to notify you and you will pay your entrance fee directly to Norbeck the day of the tournament.

All those who indicated either on the score cards, at the scorer‚Äôs table or by email have been included in the ‚Äúgo forward‚ÄĚ lists.

If for any reason you need to cancel, let me know and we will move up the alternates.

Ian Sumner

Championship #2 Results – 05/25/2017

  • At 8AM today, with the strong urging of HGSGA¬†Sect Dave Derheim, I made the decision for our C-Series Rd 2 to be played. The weather forecast looked good for our 9AM-1PM window and sure enough the skies¬†cleared and MANY good scores were posted by our 31 golfers. Golf is a sport that can be played in the rain.
  • Once again, the rounds were played in 4 hrs or less !!!
  • 1st Flight
  • Low Gross Doug Wilson 71*(35 back 9 tiebreaker) $21
  • 1st Net Bill Stetka ¬†77 Net 67 $ $17
  • 2nd Net Dan Caulkins ¬†77 Net ¬†68 ¬†$13
  • 2nd Flight
  • 1st Net ¬†Mac Ramsey ¬†78 Net 62 ¬†$21
  • 2nd Net ¬†Mike Caporaletti ¬†83 ¬†Net 66 $17
  • 3rd Net ¬†Mike Mc Shane ¬†84 ¬†Net 67 ¬†$13
  • 3rd Flight
  • 1st Net ¬†Don Brady ¬†82 Net 64 ¬†$21
  • 2nd Net Fred Chiccone 88 Net 67 ¬†$17
  • 3rd Net ¬†Randy Maddox ¬†93 ¬†Net 72*(tiebreak back 9 net¬†34) ¬†$13


ABCD ¬†SEMIFINALS…Monday,¬†July 10 at Norbeck CC (cost usually $50-$60)
Ian Sumner will be notifying those who qualified and those who are next in line to also play in this event
The following golfers did NOT state that they wish to ADVANCE if they qualify for 
ABCD Semifinals : 
Please reply YES to …. ¬† ¬† ¬†sumner115@gmail.com¬†
A Complete C-Series Updated Standings Report will be sent out this PM
PLEASE record today’s scores as a Tournament Round
*You may want to define¬†today’s round as¬†Gold Hybrid 65.4/121¬†due to the adjusted tees on #6 (actually 1 stroke closer)¬†
Scorekeepers today>Barth and Maddox…Scorekeeper Uncoordinator Steve¬†Gaudio

All the Best – Randy Maddox HGSGA

Results 05/04/2017

Results for 05/03/2017

A large field of 140 golfers played WED at Crofton CC

The large field caused for slow play (5+ hr rounds)

The food review was very good strip steak !!

Results for 05/04/2017

(No report from Norbeck CC for THURSDAY)

HOME at HGGC-3 Flights   30 Golfers  (Scorekeepers Barth, Satterfield, Maddox)

1st Flight

Low Gross Bob Egge 68-G   $22

   1st Net  Brad Greene 77-G Net 66  $17

   2nd Net Mac Ramsey  88-W Net 71 $11

2nd Flight

  1st Net Felton Satterfield  82-G Net 64  $22

    2nd Net John Shinn 90-G Net 67  $17

    3rd Net Bob Grimm 90-G Net 71* $11 (won tiebreak vs Maddox 91-G Net 71)

3rd Flight

    1st Net Rick Fornadel  94-G Net 65 $22

    2nd Net  Dino Talamona 100-G Net 67 $17

     3rd Net John Clutts  101-G Net 69  $11

 *All competitions are set up on Gold Tees with golfers HCP from gold tees

 **During regular Flighted Competitions, Championship Series and Match Play events, golfers may elect to play  from White Tees (in those events, White HCP will be retrieved from Pro Shop HCP machine and applied to Net score or used to apply Match Play strokes on appropriate holes)

    All Gross score competitions (Weekly Low Gross Individual Flight event or Championship Series Low Gross) are NOT adjusted by golfers white tee selection.

        In other words, golfers may elect to enjoy their round from White Tees, but they only benefit from  adjusted HCP strokes/according to HCP computer in Net Play, NOT Gross play. 

HGGC Construction UPDATE-Course¬†Superintendant Nick Mooneyhan has said that the new “state of the art” irrigation system has been completely installed on the back 9 holes and construction will be completed finished in 2¬†weeks on the front 9 holes.

NEXT WEEK May 8-May 11

Away Golf at Musket Ridge TUESDAY

Away Golf at Leisure World WEDNESDAY

Away Golf at Manor CC THURSDAY (may be limited field)



We need the upcoming rain to help the aerated greens fill in !!!

Results 04/27/2017

04/27/2017 Results: 60 Golfers paired in foursomes of mixed abilities A-B-C-D

Best 3 of 4 Scores NET

4th Place $10 EACH¬†(lost tiebreak — all Par 3’s Net 37)

M. Sebastian(14) 84, Matt Allnutt(16) 85, Matt Hauser(23) 93,  Denny Walsh(21) 93

TEAM 198  (minus 18)

3rd Place $15 EACH (won tiebreak — all Par 3’s NET 35)

C. Ostrom(0) 71,  Mike McShane(16) 87, Nick Girardi(16) 92,  S. Kramer(31) 111

TEAM 198  (minus 18)

2nd Place $20 EACH

Bob Kreuger(12) 84,  Buck Hartley(20) 94, Whit Bass(25) 95,  Ed Stover(30) 103

TEAM  197 (minus 19)

1st Place $25 EACH

Brad Greene(10) 80,  Bob Fitzgerald(15) 81, R. Maddox(20) 92,  Rick Fornadel(32) 99

TEAM  189 (minus 27)

*went minus 5 on #18  Greene 4 net 3, Fitzgerald 4 net 3 and Fornadel 6 net 4 !

Numerous Gift Cards are in the Pro Shop from TODAY and other days

Lots of positive comments about “mixing up” today’s foursomes to meet new HGSGA golfers in our group. Most future HGSGA ¬†golf is with golfers of similar abilities (flighted).

To our new members……AWAY and HOME MISGA events are “mixed foursomes” events(like today) which include a meal, cart, prize pool¬†etc.

PLEASE RECORD ALL RECENT GOLF SCORES  before the next adjustment period(May 1)

Handicap Committee checks to see that all HGSGA rounds are recorded appropriately.

*Reply to this email IF you did not receive your individual score for today and need to record it

We are in need of MAY Volunteers to help with tallying Score Cards after the rounds.

We also need volunteers to help with administration of our HGSGA so let us know about helping out

The HGSGA Officers will not live forever and the By-Laws encourage term limits

Last day to order HGSGA forest green shirts is TODAY at approx $30

Email Felton Satterfield at sattman0@gmail.com to ORDER

18 forest green HGGC hats will be available at cost(approx $15) when shirts arrive

All the Best–A great golf season lies ahead– HGSGA Officers

Randy Maddox/Pres

Felton Satterfield/VP

Dave Derheim/Secretary

Nick Girardi/Treasurer

Championship Series 1 Results – 04/20/2017

A few of our guys missed GOLF today due to surgeries : We hope for a speedy return to Bob Grimm and Richard Fields

Please feel free to email me (mddx@hotmail.com) and share any other member news of note  

WELCOME to the following new golfers: Rick Fornadel, Bill Stetka, Bob Kreuger, Frank Neubauer, Fred Chiccone, Ron Briggs and John Clutts whom played with us today

 REMINDER: All golfers should sign the Score Card to attest to a correct and valid score

 RESULTS for 4/20/17


Score Keepers: Moyer, Walsh and Maddox

1st Flight

           Low Gross** Bob Egge 67 $25  

           1st Net Steve Scarborough 77/67* $19

          2nd Net Bob Kreuger 77/67 $14

2nd Flight

        1st Net Mike Caporaletti 82/64 $25

        2nd Net Alex Pagnotta 81/66 $19

          3rd Net Mac Ramsey $14

3rd Flight

         1st Net Don Brady 78/60 $25

         2nd Net Randy Maddox 87/67 $19

            3rd Net Steve Gaudio 89/68 $14

4th Flight

           1st Net Bill Duncan 88/65* $25

          2nd Net Jim Burrows 88/65 $19

            3rd Net Fred Gera 89/66

* denotes WON TIEBREAK

**Low Gross score usually comes from 1st Flight, thus only 2 Net Scores pay in 1st Flight (3 payouts per flight)


Gift Cards are in the Pro Shop

NEXT WEEK…A-B-C-D Mixed Foursomes….meet some of the other golfers !!!

Best 3 of 4 Net¬†Scores…9AM Tee time

AWAY Golf at Quail Valley PA (sign up ASAP if interested-SignUp closes 4/21/17)

 Respectfully submitted by Randy Maddox

Opening Day Results 4/13/2017

Here are the Opening Day Results (29 golfers)  April 13

*some of our members attended Hunt Valley where Brad Greene shot 76!!!


HOME golf at HGGC 4/13

¬†—Scorekeepers today> Moyer, Gaudio and Walsh

1st Flight>  

Low Gross Doug Wilson 70 $20  

1st Net Jim Freiert 83 Net 68 $13    

2nd Net Mason Sebastian 83 Net 69 $9

2nd Flight>

1st Net John Barth 83 Net 66 $20  

2nd Net Jon Shinn 87 Net 68 $13  

3rd Net Don Oliver 86 Net 69 $9

3rd Flight>

1st Net Whit Bass 88 Net 63 $20  

2nd Net Bruce Johnson 91 Net 70 $13  

3rd Net Denny Walsh  94  Net 73 $9

Gift Cards are in the Pro Shop