A few of our guys missed GOLF today due to surgeries : We hope for a speedy return to Bob Grimm and Richard Fields

Please feel free to email me (mddx@hotmail.com) and share any other member news of note  

WELCOME to the following new golfers: Rick Fornadel, Bill Stetka, Bob Kreuger, Frank Neubauer, Fred Chiccone, Ron Briggs and John Clutts whom played with us today

 REMINDER: All golfers should sign the Score Card to attest to a correct and valid score

 RESULTS for 4/20/17


Score Keepers: Moyer, Walsh and Maddox

1st Flight

           Low Gross** Bob Egge 67 $25  

           1st Net Steve Scarborough 77/67* $19

          2nd Net Bob Kreuger 77/67 $14

2nd Flight

        1st Net Mike Caporaletti 82/64 $25

        2nd Net Alex Pagnotta 81/66 $19

          3rd Net Mac Ramsey $14

3rd Flight

         1st Net Don Brady 78/60 $25

         2nd Net Randy Maddox 87/67 $19

            3rd Net Steve Gaudio 89/68 $14

4th Flight

           1st Net Bill Duncan 88/65* $25

          2nd Net Jim Burrows 88/65 $19

            3rd Net Fred Gera 89/66

* denotes WON TIEBREAK

**Low Gross score usually comes from 1st Flight, thus only 2 Net Scores pay in 1st Flight (3 payouts per flight)


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NEXT WEEK…A-B-C-D Mixed Foursomes….meet some of the other golfers !!!

Best 3 of 4 Net Scores…9AM Tee time

AWAY Golf at Quail Valley PA (sign up ASAP if interested-SignUp closes 4/21/17)

 Respectfully submitted by Randy Maddox