Results for 05/03/2017

A large field of 140 golfers played WED at Crofton CC

The large field caused for slow play (5+ hr rounds)

The food review was very good strip steak !!

Results for 05/04/2017

(No report from Norbeck CC for THURSDAY)

HOME at HGGC-3 Flights   30 Golfers  (Scorekeepers Barth, Satterfield, Maddox)

1st Flight

Low Gross Bob Egge 68-G   $22

   1st Net  Brad Greene 77-G Net 66  $17

   2nd Net Mac Ramsey  88-W Net 71 $11

2nd Flight

  1st Net Felton Satterfield  82-G Net 64  $22

    2nd Net John Shinn 90-G Net 67  $17

    3rd Net Bob Grimm 90-G Net 71* $11 (won tiebreak vs Maddox 91-G Net 71)

3rd Flight

    1st Net Rick Fornadel  94-G Net 65 $22

    2nd Net  Dino Talamona 100-G Net 67 $17

     3rd Net John Clutts  101-G Net 69  $11

 *All competitions are set up on Gold Tees with golfers HCP from gold tees

 **During regular Flighted Competitions, Championship Series and Match Play events, golfers may elect to play  from White Tees (in those events, White HCP will be retrieved from Pro Shop HCP machine and applied to Net score or used to apply Match Play strokes on appropriate holes)

    All Gross score competitions (Weekly Low Gross Individual Flight event or Championship Series Low Gross) are NOT adjusted by golfers white tee selection.

        In other words, golfers may elect to enjoy their round from White Tees, but they only benefit from  adjusted HCP strokes/according to HCP computer in Net Play, NOT Gross play. 

HGGC Construction UPDATE-Course Superintendant Nick Mooneyhan has said that the new “state of the art” irrigation system has been completely installed on the back 9 holes and construction will be completed finished in 2 weeks on the front 9 holes.

NEXT WEEK May 8-May 11

Away Golf at Musket Ridge TUESDAY

Away Golf at Leisure World WEDNESDAY

Away Golf at Manor CC THURSDAY (may be limited field)



We need the upcoming rain to help the aerated greens fill in !!!