Click the following link to see the final results of the scoring used for the Div IV qualifier to be held on July 10th at Norbeck CC.

Hobbits ABCD qualifier results 5.25.17

All cards were audited. In the case of ties we followed the USGA Stroke play guide lines for tie breakers (see the attached guide).

The qualifiers are broken into two groups, low gross (top 3) then low net (top 11). The alternates follow in order of scoring – if history holds true we should be able to get most of the alternates into the tournament.

As soon as I receive the information about costs, etc, I will send out an email to the group, at which time those players who qualified in the top 14 will be expected to send in their payment to our treasurer in a timely (deadline will be stated) manner. As we get additional slots, we will go down the list of alternates to notify you and you will pay your entrance fee directly to Norbeck the day of the tournament.

All those who indicated either on the score cards, at the scorer’s table or by email have been included in the “go forward” lists.

If for any reason you need to cancel, let me know and we will move up the alternates.

Ian Sumner