Championship Series(Best 4 of 6 ) *2 scores to date

Gross Leaders

Egge 67-71=138 Ostrom 75-72=147 Weiss 76-77=153 Caulkins 78-77=155

Net Leaders

Brady 60-64=124 Caporaletti 64-66=130 Ramsey 68-62=130 Egge 63-69=132

Pagnotta 66-70=136 Sumner 69-68=137 Weiss 68-70=138 Chiccone 70-68=138

Barth 70-68=138 Caulkins 70-68=138 Maddox 67-72=139 Gaudio 68-72=140

1–Be sure that these scores and all of your others are recorded.

2–RED SCORES must be recorded as Tournament

3–MSGA “flags” golfers who post significant scoring irregularities, especially relating to tournament scores.

(“Flagged golfers” have their HCPs adjusted by MSGA)

*As long as a golfer posts all of his scores accurately, being flagged will not become a problem.

Great playing today !!!