Fabulous weather today and sizzling LOW scores

SPECIAL Thanks to Richard Violette for coordinating these pairings today

Two Man Best Ball Low Gross Doug Wilson and Bob Egge shot 60 ! (minus 12 gross) $28 ea

Two Man Best Ball Low NET

1st Place> John Barth and Steve Gaudio shot net 56 ! $24.50 ea

2nd Place> Jim Burrows and Jim Wilcox shot net 57 ! $22 ea (won tiebreak-29 on back 9)

3rd Place> Brad Greene and Joe Duklewski shot net 57 ! $20 ea

4th Place> Fred Gera and Richard Violette shot net 58 ! $18 ea (won tiebreak-27 on back 9)

5th Place> Lew Shipp and Bill Duncan shot net 58 ! $16 ea

6th Place> Don Oliver and Bob Zweig shot net 58 ! $14 ea

Ian Sumner is triple checking scorecards and will send out an email relating to the next round.

He will include list of qualifiers, list of alternates, approximate cost and date

Golfers will be informed about payment instructions

*Ian “might” even include some of the special INDIVIDUAL scores which our golfers carded today

(example-John Barth shot 74 net 61–WOW)

*Ian is very busy so do not get your hopes up 😉

Next Thursday, June 15 is a HOME MISGA…

If you are a new member…HOME MISGAs include a mandatory cart fee and $25 lunch fee in addition to the $5 prize pool fee and your greens fee

Field is basically FULL but may be able to accommodate a “few” more HGSGA golfers

BRING CASH for HOME MISGAs please (with 80 golfers checking in..get here early)

HGSGA Shirts are in–Cost is $30 plus tax–You may use Gift Cards, credit cards or cash in the Pro Shop

Felton Satterfield will advise our HGSGA golfers by email as to when the Pro Shop is “ready” for us to stop by

We may have a few extra–Hats arrive this week and are first come, first served–We will advise

Scorekeepers today…Jeff Hild, Nick Girardi, Steve Gaudio and Randy Maddox

This is the monthly REQUEST for volunteers to help with our administrative team

HGSGA Officers volunteer and help to keep our program running smoothly

Simply let us know that you’d like to help out and we can discuss it together

Best Regards–Randy Maddox/HGSGA